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A Better Way to Learn Music

Need a break from scale memorization? Download Notenut and learn the note names while you game. Created by former piano students, The Original Notenut™ is an interactive PC game, designed to help new music students learn their piano notes in a fun and engaging way.

Eliminate the boredom of traditional note memorization and help new students to quickly and easily become comfortable with the keyboard.

Why play Notenut?

  • Easy to begin
  • Slow speed increases over multiple levels
  • Piano key sounds also help students to learn sound of each note
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Kids don't know they're learning!




How to Play

Nutty the Notenut Squirrel is hungry and only you can help! Help Nutty fill his bowl with nuts by moving him under nuts falling from the trees. The game starts off slow and steady, but don't get sloppy. As you progress through the levels, the note hints disappear, and the nuts fall increasingly faster.

Further complicating the game are random bonus pink nuts, worth double points, and toxic green nuts, worth -10 points. Each missed regular nut means a 10% decrease in health. The objective of the game is to get to end of the game before Nutty’s health runs out. The ultimate benefit: learning note names to help and improve musical performance, without even knowing it.



Notenut Demos

Want to see Notenut in action? Take a look as we walk through the game.







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PC System Requirements:
Min. 10MB hard drive space




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